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Work Exchange in Hospitality

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volunteering in a hostel


Choosing to do a work exchange in hospitality is a great way to travel the world on a shoestring.


In this guide, we run through the most common questions you might have about volunteering in a backpacker hostel, Bed and Breakfast (B&B), hotel, guest house or other hospitality establishments.


If you're new to the work exchange concept - don't worry! Simply put, it's a type of travel where you exchange your time and skills for accommodation.


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Why a work exchange in hospitality?


Reduce travel costs (substantially): Travel is a expensive business. The biggest outlays are airfares and accommodation. A work exchange in hospitality is a sure way of tackling your accommodation bill -- reducing it to zero. How does it work? It's simple, free accommodation in exchange for work.


Learn new skills: Travel broadens the horizons -- it broadens skill sets too. You get the opportunity to learn new languages and cuisines. The new skills that are learnt on a work exchange in hospitality are boundless. Every culture has different ways of doing things -- this is what you'll see and learn.


Meet interesting people: If you're adventurous at heart and love meeting people, then working in a backpacker hostel is a great way to meet like minded kindred spirits. Simple put, it's where they hang out.



How many hours help are required?


In a typical work exchange in hospitality arrangement, hosts require between 20 - 30 hours a week help about the place. In return, hosts offer a comfortable bed in exchange.


Many hosts also include meals as part of their offering. Some offer addition perks such as vouchers to local attractions, use of onsite equipment such as bicycles, skis, surf boards, or wind/kite surfing kit.


The types of hospitality stays offered on HelpStay include volunteering in backpacker hostels, guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, retreat, wellness and fitness centres.



What tasks will I be helping with?


The tasks will depend on the needs and preference of the host. Some of the common tasks include:


  • Cleaning: Keeping the place clean and tidy, including making beds, cleaning bathrooms, and doing laundry.

  • Reception: Greeting guests, checking them in and out, and handling any questions or concerns they may have.

  • Serving guests: Breakfast or other meals, serving drinks, and setting tables.

  • Kitchen: Assisting the Chef/Cook with the preparing of meals, washing dishes and kitchen hygiene.

  • Maintenance: Fixing any broken items, repairing damages, and keeping the place in good working order.

  • Gardening: Maintaining the grounds and gardens, planting flowers, and keeping the outdoor areas tidy.

  • Marketing and promotion: Assisting with marketing and promoting the hospitality establishment through various channels, such as social media and travel portals.

  • Art & music: Drawing and painting indoor/outdoor wall murals. Playing music in the bar or running a DJ set.



What skills do I need for a work exchange in hospitality?


In the words of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, we say too - 'Come as You Are'. If you come with the right intentions and mindset, and are prepared to get stuck in, you'll be more than welcome in any establishment.


If you're sociable and outgoing, you'll get to help with front of house duties like welcoming and entertaining guests. For those who have a technical edge, you'll find plenty of online tasks that hosts will need help with. If you're the outdoor type, there's always grounds and gardens that need looking after. If your the artistic type, let the host know, they'll always have something for you.


The important point to remember is that when you're asked to do a task, try to do the best job you can. That way you'll have a happy experience. If the task is new to you, don't be shy, ask the host to guide you until you become familiar. Remember, it's in the host interest that you perform the tasks well.



Is HelpStay legit?


Every host listed on HelpStay and our sister site Free Volunteering is screened and approved by our team. Our team cross checks host contact details online by researching and matching them to where a website, Facebook or linkedin account exists.


However before you agree to a stay, do your own research, have plenty of chats with the host both via message and video phone, discuss your work day, and where possible seek out feedback from past volunteers.


If the host that you're communicating with is listed on HelpStay and you'd like to know our thoughts on that host - drop us a line. The important point is to get a clear mental picture in your head how your stay will feel before you endeavour on your trip.


Before you go, remember to download our free guide on how to make the most of your experience. It’s a quick read but more importantly it’s an essential read if you want to ensure that you have a successful volunteering experience.



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