Custom Floor Displays

Custom manufactured cardboard floor displays

Kick start your advertisement campaign the right way with a Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) display from CTP Boxes and Packaging. Designed to market your product both in store and on location, our custom-manufactured floor and counter top displays are made by layering corrugated cardboard to create sturdy, three-dimensional display cases suitable for promotional materials, products, and samples.

With a dedicated team of graphic and structural designers at your disposal, CTP Boxes and Packaging will create a fully customized and affordable display suited to your product, business model and company branding. Selling your company’s product means selling your company’s image, and the quality of your P.O.P. speaks to the quality of your product. Portable, practical, and priced to sell, we know that an eye-catching marketing system will help you keep pace with your competitors without affecting your bottom line so if you’re looking for durability done right, you’re looking for a CTP display kit.