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What is HelpStay?


We're a contact platform between hosts and helpers.

We hold a database of Farms, House Holders, Art Retreat Centres, Eco- villages, Backpacker Hostels, Surf Lodges, Yoga & TEFL Centres, Vineyards, Ranches and Schools, all who are looking for a few hours of honest help and offering accommodation and food in exchange.

HelpStay is a skills-based volunteering platform that connects travellers with hosts of great projects around the world. Our platform makes travelling meaningful and affordable by allowing helpers to exchange work for accommodation.

The host opportunities featured on our site have been vetted and reviewed by our staff, keeping our helpers safe and our community strong.


How does it work?


Helpers can browse the profiles of different hosts by location or type of help activity.

There, you’ll see photos and information on what type of help activity is being sought and how many hours you can expect to put in for your stay. If you find a hosting opportunity you’re interested in, as a member you can send the host a message directly with some information about you and why you think you’d be a good fit.

Openness and honesty is key at HelpStay. If you don’t have any relevant experience but are willing to learn on-the-job then say it. Most hosts won’t expect you to be a seasoned gardener or experienced English teacher.


Is HelpStay safe & trustworthy?


HelpStay is a community that is committed to providing a safe, secure and legitimate environment for helpers and hosts. Here’s how:

  • Host Selection: We’re very selective with our host community. Every host is screened and approved by our team. Hosts vary and include individuals, organisations and families, all who provide a home from home. In return, they ask for a few hours of honest help about the place.
  • Host Application: We require all hosts to provide a detailed profile about themselves, describing their organisation, tasks and help required, fees (if applicable), expected hours of help, along with details on the accommodation and living arrangements offered. Host profiles include a designated contact person along with photos from the project, creating a visual representation as to what to expect to see on arrival.
  • Ratings: Feedback and reviews are especially important to us. Both hosts and helpers review their experience.
  • Communication is vital: Before booking a trip, we strongly encourage both helpers and hosts to get to know each other, to ask lots of questions of each other and have many conversations, including at least one via a video call. Remember both hosts and helpers agree terms of the stay between them.


For helpers


Providing a safe and enjoyable experience for helpers is our most paramount concern. Our support team is happy to answer any questions you have or connect you with one of our former/current helpers to get a personal account of their experience.

We know that volunteering abroad takes getting out of your comfort zone and at times might seem risky. We’re here to help you get out there to help global causes and enjoy authentic, local experiences abroad. Our community of fellow helpers and hosts has put together a great list of resources that can be found in our journal.

Additionally, we've put together a collection of volunteering guides to some of the most popular places where our community members choose to volunteer. If you're making plans to go to Spain, United Kingdom, Thailand, France, India, Mexico, United States, or South America -- check out theses guides as they will help you prepare for your HelpStay program and answer any questions you may have.


For hosts


When it comes to hosting, our motto is that more is more. The more information you provide for helpers and the more you communicate, the better your experience and theirs will be.

Our journal has some great resources for hosts on how to foster a good hosting environment and find volunteers who are the right fit for your needs.




If you've any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help you!