Community Guidelines

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We know that with adventure comes responsibility. We hold both our hosts and our helpers to a high standard of behavior and conduct to ensure the efficiency and safety of each HelpStay experience. Here are our 7 community guidelines to which all members of our community are held accountable for:


1. Be in touch


Open and honest communication is key. Our platform makes it easy for both hosts and the helpers to get to know one another before their experience. Take this opportunity to establish trust and set expectations.

This includes, but is not limited to, providing directions to the location, discussing day-to-day work and any special living habits or needs.

Don’t hold back on sharing any details you feel are necessary for your host or helper to know before agreeing to a stay.


2. Be accurate


For hosts, this means be as honest and accurate as possible with your profile information and photos, so as not to mislead volunteers.

For helpers, be honest about your relevant work history and make sure you’re setting the right expectations for your host. This includes full transparency on work ethic, living habits and arrival dates.


3. Be considerate


If you cannot make or fulfill an arranged stay, then let the other party know as far in advance as possible. This way both host and helper can make other plans.


4. Be helpful


Helpers, you will generally be helping between 3 to 6 hours per day on average. Do the very best job you can.

Hosts, be prepared to answer any and all questions that helpers have. Show them around your place and be ready to demonstrate the work you are asking them to do while equipping them with any resources they may need to get the job done.


5. Be a member


Engage with our communities on Facebook and Reddit (this is what makes us great!). Our network is full of experienced hosts/helpers that are always willing to help or offer words of advice.

Ask for recommendations/advice and be prepared to give back when you have some to lend. Feedback is asked at the end of your stay to provide for the benefit of other members.

Feedback and reviews should be fair, honest and objective.


6. Be prepared


Make your own visa and travel arrangements. HelpStay or its listed hosts cannot assist with visa applications or travel expenses.

We also recommend that you have some form of travel insurance and that all hosts hold insurance to cover guests.


7. Be cool


Hosts accept visitors at their discretion. They may not invite you to stay with them, and they are not required to explain their reasons to you. Don’t take it personally.

Also, our community offers a exchange of hospitality and is built around trust. Please don’t ask our hosts or guest helpers for money if it's not stated as a prior requisite.